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Choose the Right Menstrual Cup

Hello, beautiful ladies!

We're so glad you're considering switching to menstrual cups. Not only are they far cheaper than pads/tampons and last longer, but they are also much better for both your body and the environment!

Did you know?

Most disposable pads take 800 years to break down and the average woman uses 15-25 pads in a single cycle. On the other hand, a single menstrual cup can last you up to 3-7 years. It's also completely free of latex, BPA, rayon and other unhealthy additives that are in tampons and most pads. Our founder, Priyanka, made the switch 12 years ago.

Find Your menstrual cup!

Since then, she's experimented with different brands and helped thousands of women across the globe through their journeys with the menstrual cup. With first-hand knowledge on choosing the right diameter, softness and length, she has put together a quick quiz to help you choose the ideal menstrual cup!

This quiz is designed to get you as close as possible to finding the menstrual cup that's meant for you. Your body is unique in its own way and you may need to experiment a little to find the perfect fit.

Here's to a happy and healthy period!
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Step 1

What Is your Age?

Step 2

What Is Your Sexual Activity / Do You Have Any Child Bearing History?

Step 3

Please Choose The Answer That Describes Your Lifestyle?

Step 4

Please Choose The Answer That Describes Your Flow?

Step 5

Do You Face Any Issues In Bladder Control / Incontinence?

Step 6

Are you allergic to any of these materials?

Step 7

Where is your cervix located?

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To Find cups that fit this criteria, kindly visit the Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.

*This is a suggestion based on the information you have provided. Kindly use your best judgement depending on your body type/lifestyle.