A Revolutionary Entrant: Tampax Menstrual Cup

Period is no more a struggling phase that every woman goes through; instead, it is feeling that says, “I am healthy and active.” For those who find periods tacky and unhygienic; the reason lies in the period products. Today, the market place is flooded with amusing period hacks and comfy products geared up to deal with period threats like cramps, bleeding, and rashes. Nevertheless, still, females find it tricky to choose the best possible option. Are you among the one? Boozing over the controversies, myths and so on; here we are going to tighten up the curtains and present you with Tampax Menstrual Cup.

We Are Sure; You Might Be Mystified As What Is So Different About Tampax?

Wait... before thinking anymore; stay tuned with us for some exhilarating information about these menstrual cups. These menstrual cups are V shape and light in weight; yes as light as quill! Many of you must be wondering, as for how long these cups can be used or is it safe or not; right?

Tampax is a renowned brand endeavoring for women care and hygiene for years, and these menstrual cups are the precise example of the same. These cups can work for around twelve hours, which will set you free from frequent changing or replacement of pads, cloth pads, and even tampons. In simple words, Tampax Menstrual Cup comes along with long-wear protection.

Will I Safe Using This Menstrual Cup?

The answer to this question can be said at a louder voice with “Yes.” With your first introduction to becoming friends, these menstrual cups will not let you down. It is soft and supple for use; no more stress, rashes, allergies, etc.

Get on with Tampax Menstrual Cup and shout loud, jump high or go for an adventurous trip without any more fear.


Clear, Regular (Small)

Brand Tampax
Size For Cups S
Length W / O Stem (mm) 42
Length Of Stem (mm) 23
Total Length (mm) 65
Cut the Stem? Yes
Capacity To Airholes (ml) 16
Capacity To Rim (ml) 24
Stem Style Flat Tab
Material Silicone
Softness -
Rim Diameter (mm) 47
Made in USA
Available in USA