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Using cloth pads made easier

Disposable sanitary napkins, pads and tampons are harmful for our health as well as the environment. Watch these videos to learn about reusable menstrual cloth pads / panty – a healthier and greener option. Cloth pads or panties can be used for menstrual flow during periods, postpartum bleeding, urinary incontinence and daily discharge. These pads can be washed and reused for at least 70-100 times each (or more).
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  • In this video I talk about various reasons - why I switched to cloth pads from menstrual cups - after using menstrual cups for 10 years. My PCOD really left no other option for me, besides various other reason. And now, I love cloth pads :)

  • How to keep your pads stain free! Learn how to remove stains from cloth pads and period panties.

  • How to Wash Cloth Pads by Hand: My Routine. This video explains how I was my cloth pads and period panty by hand.

  • This video explains how to wash used cloth pads before you can re use them. Same instructions can be followed for washing period panty and labia pads.

  • Sanitary napkins are harmful for a women’s health as well as the environment. Menstrual cloth pads are a healthier and greener option.

  • It shows how to clip the wings on your underwear using snap buttons and also shows how to fold and store the pad if you wish to wash it later.