Is Lunette Cup A Trusted Option During Periods ?

Let us all admit it; period time and the regular flow of blood during these days cannot be ignored or avoided. It is a regime that every female body has to accept for a particular time. So, to clutch you out from the trauma of periods, pain, stains, restlessness, and help you with smooth blood flow during those days, we are here with a comfortable and affordable option. Buy Lunette Cup and blow away all your problems that you are facing due to the monthly periods.

Are you still into the dilemma, whether to use these kinds of cups or not? If your answer is yes then here is the quick view of why you should buy lunette cup.

First of all, the lunette cup is itself a big brand which comes with reliability. Talking about trust, this brand will never let you down. Next thing that bothers women is the material used, right? Here let us inform you that the lunette cup that we are going to offer you are made up of is silicon. Use of high-quality silicon is an assurance of no health issues and provide paramount comfort as well.

Let us now bump over the design of the cups as it will surely push you towards to Buy Lunette Cup right away. The cup is flat in shape and can be squeezed without any additional effort to fit inside. The capacity is high too as it can handle around 30ml of blood at once. This way you can rest free for all day.

So, why are you juggling; Buy Lunette Cup now and make all your coming periods relaxing and stain free.  If you have any queries in your mind about usage, price, etc., we are here to help you out with the best of efforts.


Clear, Model 2

Size For Cups 2
Length W / O Stem (mm) 52
Length Of Stem (mm) 20
Total Length (mm) 72
Cut the Stem? Yes
Capacity To Airholes (ml) -
Capacity To Rim (ml) 30
Stem Style Flat Tab
Material Silicone
Softness Soft
Rim Diameter (mm) 46
Made in Finland
Available in India, USA