Choose the Right Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups come in different sizes, shapes and degrees of softness. Every woman is different and one size may not fit all of us. To pick the most suitable menstrual cup for yourself, you need to know 3 aspects: 1. Diameter, 2. Length, and 3. Softness. This will help us decide which one fits you best, based on your body type and lifestyle.


1. Diameter

Kindly select the most appropriate option

  Age Under 16 Age Under 33 Anyone with age over 33
  Body Built (Feet and Inches) Sexually Inactive  Sexually Active Child Birth / C-Section  Had Vaginal Birth
(All Age Group)
  Height under 5'3" (Slender/Medium)               
  Height under 5'3" (Heavy Built)              
  Height over 5'3" (Slender/Medium)                
  Height over 5'3" (Heavy Built)               

2. Length

Kindly select a suitable length for your menstrual cup in the table below:

  I don't know my cervix length. Suggest me a menstrual cup that will suit "most" cervix length.
  I have a low cervix; measures around 1-1.5 knuckles during periods.
  I have a medium cervix, measures around 2-3 knuckles during periods.
  I have never measured, but I comfortably use small tampons.
  I have a high cervix; could barely feel anything when I tried to measure during periods.
  I have never measured, but I comfortably use regular tampons.

3. Softness

  I have urine leakage problem
  I have weak pelvic floor
  I have a sedentary lifestyle
  I have a regular fitness level
  I am active in sports

Based on your selection, our Cupstrologer has recommended menstrual cup diameter, length and softness below. Kindly select an appropriate cup from Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.

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