Menstrual Cup FAQs

Menstrual cup is a healthier and eco-friendly replacement to sanitary napkin and tampons. It is made of soft medical grade material and can be reused for up to 10 years.

Here is a comparison of softness of different menstrual cups. Different menstrual cups not only come in different shape, size..

What is a Menstrual Cup? Why should we use it? and How do we use it? Sanitary pads are very..

Pictorial comparison of various menstrual cups to see the difference in their lengths, diameter and stem styles. Photographs below help..

Hello there, each one of us is different externally as well as internally. If we can’t fit in the same..

So you finally made the decision to switch from using disposable tampons & sanitary pads to using menstrual cups but..

Read this blog to learn about myths around menstrual cups.. most common question asked is “Will the cup get lost inside..

When people switch to menstrual cups, the most common problem they face is “removing the cup.” I have had so..

There are various factors (length, diameter, softness, stem style) that you should consider while picking the most suitable menstrual cup..

To find out which menstrual cup / cup length is most suitable for you, you need to find out the..

Take a look to know about a women’s average monthly flow during menses, and see capacity comparison between menstrual cups,..

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