Menstrual Cup FAQs

Menstrual cup is a healthier and eco-friendly replacement to sanitary napkin and tampons. It is made of soft medical grade material and can be reused for up to 10 years.

Recently a research paper on Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and menstrual cup usage rocked our little cup universe and questioned..

A woman’s periods – a purely biological function – the very core of life itself has unfortunately been degraded to..

Post to Part-I on buying cloth pads, now let us discuss here on the points to be considered if you..

A lot of women have concerns around using menstrual cups with an intrauterine device (IUD), commonly known as copper T. Is..

Q&A with Dr Ratnaprabha Rajguru, BAMS CGO Q. How did you come to know of menstrual cups and what made you..

Last few months has been a lot of period talk on social media which mostly leads to the discussion on Re-Usable Menstrual..

“Try harder! You are almost there. Yes, Yes, Yes!,” I screamed in uncontrolled excitement. If you thought I was fangirling..

The most common question I get asked about menstrual cups is “How to insert it? What if I an unable..

Traffic jams in Bangalore are spectacular. Gorgeous red and yellow lights serenade you on either sides, and impatient honks of..

Mooncup and Alx cup are made of Medical grade Silicon. Manufacture Both the cups are made in different countries. Alx..

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