Menstrual Cup Articles

This section looks at menstrual cups in details, what are they made of, why should one switch to menstrual cups and what is available in the market.

Recently a research paper on Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and menstrual cup usage rocked our little cup universe and questioned..

A woman’s periods – a purely biological function – the very core of life itself has unfortunately been degraded to..

Q&A with Dr Ratnaprabha Rajguru, BAMS CGO Q. How did you come to know of menstrual cups and what made you..

The word “Menstrual Cup” when heard for the first time gave me a strange imagination about what exactly the product..

Remember when it was ‘that time of the month’ and you dreaded the lumpy sanitary pad which left you constantly..

You are a runner. The customary weekend long run is underway, when suddenly it dawns upon you at the 20th..

There was a time when menstruating women were asked to ‘sit’ separately during ‘those’ days – they would not enter..

“Why should I switch to a menstrual cup now? I am already above 45 and I am approaching my menopause!..

I had my periods when I was nine, and used mostly disposable sanitary pads and occasionally, homemade cloth pads. My mom..

Last few months has been a lot of period talk on social media which mostly leads to the discussion on Re-Usable Menstrual..

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