Menstrual Cloth Pads

Reusable menstrual cloth pads are a great replacement to sanitary napkin and tampons. These are made of layers of soft cotton fabric and can be used for 4-7 hours.

A woman’s periods – a purely biological function – the very core of life itself has unfortunately been degraded to..

HR professional Dhivya has her own business where she coaches people on soft skills and communication which are essential skills..

The word “Reusable” itself specifies the call for cleaning, caring and proper storage of a product in order to ensure..

I used period panties in my teenage. Those panties were slightly thicker and had a plastic layer in the middle..

The word “Kapda istemaal” in connection to periods was first heard by me in the advertisements of the disposable sanitary..

Last few months has been a lot of period talk on social media which mostly leads to the discussion on Re-Usable Menstrual..

Growing up, having to buy sanitary napkins was such a pain. I was so traumatised by this monthly exercise that..

Are you modern enough to ask your daughter to use cloth pads for managing her periods? Yes, you read that..

Wearing cloth pads started a transformation to accepting myself as sacred. When I was growing up in America, I wanted..

Are you worried that your little one is soon to hit puberty and get her first period? You shouldn’t be,..

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