Why I Can’t Stop Raving About Menstrual Cup!

Dear Friends!

I’m sure we all strive to achieve best on each front of our lives and always gives the best as we are blessed with a trait called ‘multi tasking’! But, I have observed that when it comes to taking care of our own self most of the women take it for granted. Be it health or any other aspect related to self. Hence here I wish to talk about the most beneficial menstruation management device I have came across before a year: a menstrual cup.

There is a lot of reading and visual reference material available online including some dedicated forums as well. Somehow, I have seen many of my friends and family members being keen to try the cup but due to some reason, they are not taking the plunge. Hence, for all of my non cup user friends who have been aware about menstrual cup and its advantages in brief or who has got even 10% positive for cup but has never explored it, I would like to share few major benefits I have experienced as far as menstrual health is concerned.

First and most important change I have observed is my improvised vaginal health. Post my wedding, I have been very easily prone to Urinary tract infection (UTI) in spite of following strict hygiene regime. Not getting rid of frequent UTI problem was a puzzle to all many of gynecologists I consulted over a period of last 4 years. Apart from environmental, ease of usage benefits of menstrual cup, I have experienced a major advantage is that it has almost eliminated risk of UTI for me. Once, I started using the cup. It has been cured. Hence, after thinking over the same I came to know that the chemicals used in sanitary pads were causing UTI as it does cause heat as well. Even, I switched to tampons which was making vagina dry and hence worsened my UTI problem.

Second thing which I have noticed is lighter or almost nil flow when I am not wearing cup. Menstrual cup collects the blood and don’t absorb it, hence when I am not wearing it and using cloth pad (mostly at night) I don’t see blood running through vaginal canal. Only light spots are spotted next morning. Which again is quite comfortable for me as I get silent sleep without any feel of wetness on cloth pad.

In a recent poll conducted online in one of the popular forum related to sustainable menstruation, out of about 100 voters almost 60% of them were cup users who will never prefer to get back to disposable sanitary pads. Other voters were mix of ‘hesitants’ (who are hesitant to try the cup) and ‘seekers’ (who will switch to cup if given proper guidance). This made me think that propagating such a useful feminine product is utmost important. At the same time, it should be explored and used very positively to get the best out of it.

Thus, menstrual cup has been a blessing. I insist all my friends to get proper knowledge of cups and switch to the same without any hesitation. I’m sure you will feel the freedom of periods as shown in those sanitary pad TV ads in real sense. You will be able to jump, jog, swim, do yoga…everything without even thinking once.

Do switch and spread the word about the most amazing feminine thing you will ever possess! Wish you all a very Happy and Healthy periods!

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