What to wear under there?

Underwear, an essential in the life of a man to cover his assets, but is it just that? Wear, change, wash and repeat, that’s what we know of underwear and it is thought that it’s enough knowledge about the clothing. Underwear gets the most thought when buying the correct colour and type, such as boxers, commandos or bare it all but after that, goodbye underwear thoughts.

Due to this behaviour, most men are ‘underwear etiquette’ deficient, as stated by Doctor Albert form Delray Beach, Fla. He also said that the underwear should be cleaned after wearing and one should change the underwear often. The underwear should be thrown when it becomes hard stained or the clothing starts losing its threads. If the person works out, changing the underwear twice a day will be good due to the excessive sweat. Below are a few tips by experts on how to deal with underwear.


Golden Rules to Follow

With that in mind, one should follow these modest tips and rules to have good hygiene down there. Ms April who is a relationship advisor states that the underwear do’s contain throwing the tattered and old piece of under clothing. One should throw out an old underwear every once in a while. She says there is no sentimental value involved with underwear and when hygiene is involved, one should pay attention. So the old, torn and nasty underwear should be thrown out once every month.

To recover from the fact of old underwear going out, one should buy new under clothing regularly. So once a month, one should make it a habit to throw the old ones and buy a new one. Make it a habit, just like getting a haircut.

Don’t wear just one type of underwear and she advices men to keep switching from one type to the other. It might even help you in bed with your partner. New underwear might not be a help in your bedroom skills but being fresh down there might make your partner happy. So buy different type and different coloured underwear just to mix things up.


What to wear, Boxers or Briefs?

Change is inevitable, and it should be applied to underwear as well to ensure proper hygiene. But it brings us to an old debate, should one prefer boxers or briefs? Dr Albert proposes that it is just a matter of one’s own choice and taste. If talking about the design, the boxers are loose so they give room while briefs provide support. Although it is a matter of choice, one should wear loose boxers if they want to have an offspring as tighter briefs decrease the potency of the person wearing it.


What is it made of?

The underwear is made of which material is a thing to ponder upon. Ms April thinks that men should go for synthetic and cotton designed underwear for everyday use while other more deluxe materials and fun underwear for exceptional circumstances.

For gym and workout, the latest synthetic combinations are useful if one needs to stop chaffing. During exercise one needs the clothing that not only supports but also absorbs perspiration. One should never wear gym underwear without washing again and don’t wear the other types such as boxers or cotton underwear to the gym.


The good and the bad of Commandos

One way to live is to not support wearing underwear. It might be fun sometimes and might be considered helpful in some conditions, but one should proceed with caution in that direction. When one goes commando, he must remember to wear something appropriate so that after a dance or walk the outfit doesn’t reveal where and how much the sweat has been excreted. Going commando is great when the night is predictable but if the night requires a little work before the result, it is better to wear than be free from underwear.

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