How to open your menstrual cup?

Are you finding it difficult to open your menstrual cup once it is inside? Here are a few things that can help…

I’d like to mention that softer cups are a bit more difficult to unfold as compared to firmer cups, especially if you have strong vaginal muscles. You can run a soft cup under cold water to make it firmer and easier to pop open.

Here are a few tips that can help you open up your menstrual cup once you have worn it.

  1. Try pinching or squeezing the base of the cup.
  2. Rotate the cup by holding the base.
  3. If none of these work you can try contracting and expanding your muscles as if you’re trying to control your pee. (Kegel exercise)
  4. slightly slide the cup in up-and-down motion.
  5. You should always make sure, that one of the air hole of the cup is inside the fold while you fold the cup.
  6. Try different folds – C fold, punch down, labia etc.. various videos available on youtube.
  7. You can run the cup under cold water, that can make a soft cup a little harder.
  8. Watch this video to see how you can insert in different angles.


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