Soft or Hard Menstrual Cup?

Here is a comparison of softness of different menstrual cups.

Different menstrual cups not only come in different shape, size and colour but their softness is also different.  A soft cup might feel nice and good to hold, but it is not necessarily the best cup for you. Softer cups are more difficult to unfold once placed inside, and cause leakage for a lot of women. These are not recommended for beginners as they will require a little more practice to get the hang of wearing and removing menstrual cups. These are suggested for women with comparatively weaker vaginal muscles. The strength of one’s vaginal muscles is related to their lifestyle/daily routine and medical history. Women who are physically active (involved in sports/outdoor activities) tend to have stronger vaginal muscles and need harder/firmer cups.

Softness Test

Below is a pictorial comparison of different cups to see how soft or firm they are. When two cups are pressed against each other, softer cup will get squeezed more than the firmer cup. By carefully observing these photographs, we can figure out which is cup is softer than the other. Menstrual cup brands below are mentioned in an increasing order or hardness from left to right. Cup on the extreme left is softest and the one on extreme right is hardest.


Alx Cup  >>>  SheCup/SilkyCup  >>>  VCup/MoonCup/FleurCup  >>>  MeLuna (Classic)


All cups mentioned above are made of silicone except Me Luna (Classic) which is made of TPE.

All cups softness smWM

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Choose Your Menstrual Cup

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