Sleepless Nights No More! How to Sleep Better During Your Period

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Sleepless Nights No More! How to Sleep Better During Your Period

Menstruation is a part of every woman’s life, and with it comes a variety of issues which includes cramps, mood swings, and of course—sleepless nights. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there is a number of 30 percent of women that have sleep disruption during their monthly period.  

Due to the changes in hormones during this period, the sleeplessness is inevitable because of the drop of estrogen and progesterone levels right before your period. Fortunately, some things could help you out to prevent menstrual-related sleep issues. Thus, here are the things that will help you out in sleeping soundly during your “time of the month.”

Why Is It Difficult to Sleep?

Before we delve into how you’d tackle your sleeping problem with the tips that we’ll be giving you, let’s first talk about why is it difficult to sleep during your period. Have you ever wondered why in frustration? Well, here’s why.

The progesterone which is currently on its lowest is linked to both an increase in body temperature and fatigue, in which these two are classic symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. This then causes your exhaustion and sleep troubles in the days before your period. This hormone is also the cause of your sleepiness since it will signal your body to sleep when it drops your body temperature. However, during your period, your hormones are keeping you warmer than usual, making it difficult to drift off naturally.

Another fluctuated hormone, days before menstruation is the estrogen, which causes the irritability and anxiousness which makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Lastly, is your menstrual cramps, which is one of the common occurrences during your period which happens due to your prostaglandins that form a lining in your uterus making it a challenge to sleep.

So, What Can You Do About it?

So, here’s the question at hand: what can you do about it? There are many information and advice available on the internet or in the books, but what are the best countermeasures for it? Here’s what:

Sleeping Positions

The best sleeping position during your menstruation is the fetal position since it takes off the pressure from the abdominal muscles and reduces the tension, which minimizes your menstrual cramps. Not only that, but this position can also help prevent leakages as your legs are squeezed together at night.

If you’re uncomfortable in the fetal position, then try sleeping on your side and straighten your body a little. In this way, your legs are still closed together, avoiding leakage at night but still making your abdominal muscles relaxed.  

Keep your Bedroom Cool

As what was stated beforehand, your progesterone is lowered during this time of the month, thus keeping your bedroom cool as a part of your menstrual-sleeping-issue prevention drastically helps your good night’s sleep. Maintain your bedroom’s temperature between 60-68 degrees for a cool sleeping climate, or whatever temperature that makes you comfortable to sleep on at night.

Heat Therapy

Period cramps can be felt at any time of the day, and this is why you should prepare a hot compress to relieve your pain. Place the hot compress or a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen to relax your muscles of the uterus and encourage the increase of blood flow.

Herbal Home Remedies

Certain herbs may help reduce menstrual pain during your period, such as chamomile tea which aids in relaxation and lower the inflammation while easing the muscle spasms. Another tea that you could consider is the black cohosh which is another anti-inflammatory item.

Last and not least is the chasteberry which is believed to stabilize hormones and improve the symptoms of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. But, take note that you should avoid it if you’re on birth control or any HRT (hormone replacement therapy) since it alters hormone levels.


Experiencing this condition every month is no joke. We might feel helpless and frustrated in one of this type of days, but remember that you could actually do something about it through these tips and some other helpful advice from your family or friends. Lastly, menstrual cups like daisy cup might come in handy so that you’ll have a leak-free good night’s sleep making you have that well-deserved rest at night.

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