Self-Care While You Age

A person takes care of their children their whole adulthood and as time passes and the person starts to age, they start needing care from their children and the roles get reversed. At an older age, one should ask for help from their loved ones without hesitation but at the same time should try and take care of themselves too. Here are a few things to remember while taking care of yourself at an older age.

  • 5-HealthyWealthyGums (1)Oral hygiene is important at all the aspects of one’s life and it holds the same importance at higher ages. Neglecting oral care can cause problems in the mouth such as plaque and gum inflammation which can degrade the overall health of the individual. Brushing twice everyday is important using a soft toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. The brushing should be done smoothly as the gums are prone to damage if the person is old. Cleaning between the teeth using an interdental brush with a curvy and soft head is important as bacteria tend to form between the teeth.


  • SelfCareWhileYouAgeBathing should be an important part of the daily routine and should not be missed as one gets older. Bathing properly everyday is necessary to stay away from germs and infections as it ensures proper hygiene and keeps the person fresh. If a person cannot bath everyday due to reasons like illness or being bed ridden then it should be noted that the undergarments are changed everyday. While bed ridden you can wash yourself using special bed basins which are available easily or ready to use soap gloves can also be used to clean the armpits and private parts efficiently.
  • One should never ever leave their activeness behind with age. The body cannot withstand the same amount of workout or activity as the age increases but stopping all physical activity can be bad. One should go out for short walks and help in household activities they can contribute in without enduring any pain. One should try and meet people in the neighbourhood or attend events that happen in the neighbourhood. This not only helps the person stay active physically, it even increases the mental health of the person.
  • Taking a proper diet is important at an older age and one should not neglect their food intake. Heavy food and foods with fats and cholesterol in them should be avoided as they provide nothing but problems. Having ample fruits is a good habit as they provide the proper nutrients to the individual. One should also avoid over-eating as it can cause stomach distress which can be a very grave problem at older ages.
  • Proper sanitation is important and one should follow the basic cleanliness habits taught to everyone when they are kids. Washing your hands before and after every meal is very important as hands carry germs and aged people are more prone to diseases. Washing hands with soap is very important after going to the toilet. One should get a shave and a haircut at proper intervals so the hair doesn’t get too long and cluttered. Clipping off nails every week ensures that no dirt sticks onto them which can go inside the body while eating food.

It is never too late asking for help when you can’t do something as you want. As one gets older the senses and the body tend to get slower which means the person gets less efficient. Asking your loved ones for help will not make you look like a bad person who cannot do anything by themselves. So ask for help whenever you need it as your loved ones will love to help you as you have helped them all their life.

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