What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) ?

All girls are different when it comes to PMS. We hear it all the time, especially from the men in our lives or boy at school. Have you heard anyone talking about PMS? PMS is an abbreviation for premenstrual syndrome. It’s a term for all the weird feelings you have before you get your period every month. Some girls have all of these.  Some you might feel like this some months and not others. Here is a list of all the physical changes and the emotional feelings based on what happens inside your body.parents puberty

  1. You feel moody. You might feel cranky, sensitive, angry or tense
  2. You feel the blues. You’re sad, crying at every little thing, or feeling bad about yourself
  3. You feel fuzzy. You’re tired out, can’t focus too well, and find it had to pay attention
  4. You crave sweets and salty foods.
  5. Your stomach and other body parts seem kind of puffy.
  6. Your breasts are heavy, swollen, or sore.
  7. Your skin breaks out into zits.

Your abdomen has cramps or you have a backache or headache.  You even have pain in your joints.  Every girl goes through it different.  There are over the counter things you can use and things that that prescribe by your doctor, such as midol, Advil, heating pads, diet and exercise can works.  There are certain foods that can help with cramps. Getting the proper amount of sleep helps as well.  I know for myself a warm bath or heating pad helped a lot.


Take two exercise Complete caplets with a glass of water to help relieve menstrual symptoms including cramping, bloating and fatigue. Unlike general pain relievers like Advil ®* and Tylenol ®**, Midol ® Complete treats more of your menstrual symptoms.

Period And PMS Pain Relief | Period Pains | Midol



You can find these products at your local grocery store, target Walmart, most drugstores and online. Its important to listen to your body. Every girl goes through puberty differently. Some girls get their period and have very light cramps and some girls get really uncomfortable cramps. Its important to listen to your body and keep track, either by using a period tracker, like AGU Period Tracker currently on android, calendar or a period diary, write down everything that feels different about your body.


AGU Period Tracker app for iOS – Review & Download .IPA file

This will allow you to keep track and, know exactly when your period will start, by what you input into the tracker. Understanding your period will avoid embarrassing moments and an easy transition into womanhood, when you become All Grown Up.

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