Periods Can Be Healthy and Fun for Your Daughter

Are you worried that your little one is soon to hit puberty and get her first period?

You shouldn’t be, if you are planning to prepare her before time. Talk to her about the changes she will go through during puberty. Tell her about the process of menstruation and why a women gets her periods. Let her not think that something is wrong with her or it’s a disease. Explain to her the significance of menstrual blood and how menses prepare a girl’s body to become pregnant. You can also take help of numerous videos that are easily available on YouTube / online. Here is a good informative vide0:



Did you suffer from rashes and infections during periods?

cloth pads and menstrual cupsKeep your daughter away from all the harmful chemicals/plastics in disposable sanitary pads. They might seem to be the only convenient option available to use during periods. But if used regularly, they can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancers and even infertility.

Fortunately for us, we now have healthier and eco-friendly alternatives such as menstrual cups and cloth pads. Tell your daughter about cloth pads and their benefits on her health and the environment. Trust me, washing them is not that bad. At the first, it sounds like a lot of work. But once you get used to it, they are not difficult to use. Just soak them into cold water for at least half an hour. Scrub with hand to remove the blood and wash with your regular clothes – by hand or in washing machine. Dry in sunlight to kill bacteria. You can dry them indoors under the fan / near a window but you must ensure that they are not damp before using again or storing for next cycle.

Guess what! They don’t smell bad like sanitary pads – unless worn for too long. Just like sanitary pads, these should also be replaced every 4-6 hours. Smell of our menstrual blood is not bad at all. Blood only smells bad when it comes in contact with toxic chemicals / plastic in disposable pads. Let your daughter use healthier, chemical free pads for happier and greener periods. These feel like you are just wearing a thicker underwear. No feeling of wetness or cold.


Are you thinking… “Will my daughter lose her virginity if she uses a cup?”

If she is very active in sports, she can also use menstrual cups. However, these do stretch the hymen, but various sports activities do that as well. If you daughter is involved is sports, its possible that her hymen is already stretched or broken. Did you know, some women are born without a hymen and some have openings in their hymen. It is wrong for us to associate hymen with virginity. one only loses their virginity once they have sexual intercourse.

So ladies, do your own research and give her best solution for her periods.

In case you are wondering, what is the best solution for you, I will say – Menstrual cups. I am a very happy user since the last 10 years. They are super comfortable, healthy, hygienic and eco-friendly. So go ahead, try these great products yourself so you can guide your little ones. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.

And yes, this video gives a great introduction to cloth pads:


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