My Dad Won’t Socialize Anymore!

Jay grew more and more tensed as his father started staying home all the time. He was pushing his early sixties and had begun limiting himself to the house. He had been an active person all his life but things started to change a few weeks back.


His daily routine had changed from going to the nearby club to play cards and scrabble with his old friends to just staying at home watching TV. His son grew more tensed each day as he showed no signs of physical activity. Instead of giving up, he tried to talk to his dad who denied any problem and simply said that the activity bored him. His son however knew that something was bothering him and he was determined to find out what it was. He patiently tried every now and then to find out the problem by talking to his dad and one day his dad finally confessed the problem. He explained that he did not have any control over urination and it had become almost involuntary and he didn’t want to face any awkward situation in front of his friends, hence the isolation.

Jay didn’t feel any discomfort while his dad told him his little secret and he knew he had to help him regain his social life. He had heard of such problems in elderly people but wasn’t completely sure what to do, so he consulted a nurse in the nearby clinic. The nurse caught hold of the illness the moment she heard. The medical term for this was ‘Urinary incontinence’ or enuresis. She made him understand the causes and treatments of the same and assured him that it wasn’t something to be deeply worried about. The main concern was that generally older people let this problem affect their quality of life, which should be avoided.

When he came back home from the clinic, Jay told the same things to his father and gave him the incontinence pads that the nurse had advised him to buy.  He motivated him to carry on his social circle and not bother about the problem anymore. His father has now accepted the treatment and is happy with his post retirement life, and he makes sure to kill some hours in the club with his friends, playing cards and scrabble.

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