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Whenever one talks about playing, they often say that playing is only for children. On the contrary, everyone should be involved in play as it helps in relieving the stress which makes the person healthier. Play not only helps you spend quality time with your loved ones, it lets you strengthens your bond with them.

Play is not just a physical activity or a sport but also a light hearted conversation or an outing with your family to your favourite restaurant or catching a game together. All this can help you de-stress and bond faster with the people close to you.

Play With Children

MoreGamesBetterHealthPlay is essential for children if you want them to be active and cheerful but at the same time playing with children can help you a lot too. Understanding that playtime is not a waste as it is when your child develops their brain a lot by learning new things and giving way to creative new thoughts. Playing outdoor sports or indulging in some fun activity indoors such as playing a board game can not only help excite the child’s imaginative skills, it also helps the child become a lot smarter and playful. The play simultaneously helps you bond with your child and help you take your relationship to a next level and also helps you in relieving all the piled up stress inside you which enhances your health.

How to Play With the Child

The children should be given their own time to play alone or with friends but they also need some parent-child time to play. Here are a few things to keep in mind to boost the child’s playtime:

Establishing consistent play times will help in getting into a routine which then becomes a habit and the bond between the parent and the child strengthens a lot.

Giving your child your full concentration and attention can help the child in putting their sincere effort as well. Watching TV or using your mobile while playing with your child will not help at all and can have a lot of downsides.

Getting down on your knees or sitting down on the floor will help you match the child’s visual level which can make them feel special. Matching the child’s intensity if working or playing can help you bond better while spending a fun and quality time.

Hold onto the playtime even if it consists of repetitive activities. Children often learn best through repeating one activity over and over again. This will help them learn quickly and they will move on themselves when they think it is time to perfect another activity.

Play and Bonds

Playing with your loved ones is one of the most valuable techniques to keep your relationships and bonds continue to grow while developing your health simultaneously. Playing with your family not only brings joy to you and them, it helps everyone to release the tension and stress building up in them from day to day activities. Through regular playtime the feelings such as trust and love is taken onto the next level. Play is not just a rigorous physical activity but can also be considered going out with your partner or your child to someplace exciting such as a long drive or for a movie. Sharing each other’s feelings and experiences can also be considered play as it brings the people closer while terminating the worries.

Play doesn’t only help your personal relationships but it also helps in enhancing your social skills which are important in modern times. Playful and meaningful conversations can help you build your relationships with people with whom you are not so well equipped. These include your neighbours, people who work with you and other people you tend to meet every once in a while. Having a playful nature or sharing humorous talks can help you get out of the awkwardness some people feel in the beginning of your bond. So it is better to let yourself loose and indulge in some fun activities which can not only help you bond with the people you love but also help you improve your health drastically.

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