Mooncup vs Alx Cup Comparison

Mooncup and Alx cup are made of Medical grade Silicon.


Both the cups are made in different countries. Alx cup is made in china and Mooncup is made in UK. Price of these two cups vary because they are manufactured in different countries and there is a significant difference in the quality of material used. Mooncup comes with an organic cotton pouch, alx comes with cotton pouch.
The Mooncup is certified by the Vegan Society; – Mooncup Ltd is the first sanitary protection manufacturer in the world to be certified as an Ethical Business; – The Mooncup has been awarded ‘Best Buy’ status by the Ethical Consumer magazine, following a review of all sanitary products. The Best Buy Label is only awarded to those companies and products that have met more than twenty animal welfare, environmental and human rights criteria following independent research.
The Mooncup is produced to ISO 13485:2003: a regulated quality management system specifically requiring that the service provided by an organisation “consistently meet[s] customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.


Mooncup and Alx cup both comes in a box which contains User Guide and a pouch. For Alx cup, User guide is printed in English and Hindi Languages. Mooncup user guide is a little more detailed and explained with nice graphics. Only recycled paper is used for Monncup box and flyers.

Mooncup AlxIMG_0100 Mooncup AlxIMG_0099Size Comparison

Both Alx and Mooncup have 2 different sized cups. Alx cups comes in Size 1 and Size 2. Mooncup comes in Size A and B

Diameter of Size 1 Alx cup is 47 mm, length of the cup without stem is 55 mm and the length of the stem is 25 mm. Diameter of Size 2 Alx cup is 43 mm, length of the cup without stem is 55 mm and the length of the stem is 25 mm.

Diameter of Size A Moon cup is 46 mm, length of the cup without stem is 50 mm and the length of the stem is 21 mm. Diameter of Size B Moon cup is 43 mm, length of the cup without stem is 50 mm and the length of the stem is 21 mm.

Alx cup and Moon cup comes with stem, so we can cut the stem as per our convenience. If u have high cervix, you can use without cutting the stem. If you have low cervix, you can cut the entire stem.

If you cut the entire stem, both the cups come with the lines at the bottom, these lines set the grip on the cup, so we can pull the cup out easily.

Softness Comparison

When we compare the softness Alx cup is little softer and Mooncup is little firm. Softer cups are easy to insert and remove, but it will take little experience to help open up the cup inside the vagina. But firmer cups are easy to insert as they easily pop open inside the vagina and it is mandatory to break the suction before removing a firmer cup. If you are an athlete or you are very active u should go for firmer cup. Moon cup has a very strong suction a lot longer than other cups. It will not tend to leak even after 4 to 5 years of usage.

Both the cups are made of silicon but Moon cup is little firm and Alx cup is a softer cup. Both are great in quality. You need to choose what is best for your body type.

Here are a few videos on menstrual cup reviews.

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