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The word “Menstrual Cup” when heard for the first time gave me a strange imagination about what exactly the product could be, and how could it be helpful as so far the word CUP was always in reference to beverages for me 🙂 .

Various Articles on menstrual cups gave me a brief introduction about its using techniques and this one clarified how it can be helpful and stress free for me in “those days”. In spite of getting all my doubts cleared by reading articles and reviews from those who have used it, I was still skeptical on buying the product.

Finally I made up my mind to give a try considering the point “Women forget that they are on periods while using a menstrual cup”. I then placed an online order which was delivered exactly 2 days prior to the expected periods. Happily I opened the package and reached for the cup. The brochure accompanying the product advised to do a trial before using in periods and at the same time reviewers recommended not to go for the so called “Dry Run”. I decided to go with the manufacturer’s advice and tried a dry run immediately. That was the worst painful experience I should have had with no luck in insertion as explained in the book. I felt disgusted and regretted my investment on the cup.

Next night, I got my periods welcomed with the cloth sanitary pads reviewed here, as I was firm not to generate any non-biodegradable waste to the environment;also inserting the cup was scary recalling the past incidence.

However next morning while going to shower, I gathered courage to give the cup a fair chance of insertion as now I was actually on periods unlike before. During the shower I rinsed my cup and gave a try and to my surprise it glided in like magic and throughout the day I had no feeling of periods at all. Of course as it was my first usage, I constantly thought about it and kept analyzing but that was just a slight anxiety. I got used to it in no time. I observed that actually I felt like no periods.

Earlier I had to use two pads and “Attention Position” while sleeping to ensure no leakage or stains that resulted in back ache, but the cup gave me a sound peaceful sleep in whatever position preferred.

In my teens whenever I faced difficulty in handling periods; I used to think “what a delight it should be if the blood never comes out from my body”, and the invention of menstrual cup made my dream come true. :). If used as per instructions no leakage and no stains are guaranteed.

Post to my first experience, I recommend a few Dos and Don’ts for the beginners / first time users.



  • Read the instruction booklet carefully at least twice to completely understand your product.
  • Use the Cup when you have a normal to heavy flow. Lighter flow could be handled with cloth sanitary pads or cloth panty liners.
  • Do it the first time in your regular / familiar washroom to be more comfortable.
  • Use the punch down fold as it is the easiest one to glide inside.
  • For the first time you should wear a pad or panty-liner as a backup to feel more confident, and also stock a few in your bag in case of emergency.
  • Menses are liquid and clots collected in the cup and poured in bulk, post flushing check the toilet if the contents are flushed properly or not.


  • Don’t do a dry run; it should be used only when you are on periods as the cup gets natural lubrication. Dry runs are both painful and unsuccessful that can demotivate you.
  • After inserting successfully you can check if you are able to remove or not. But don’t do that every now and then in anxiety. Wait for at least 3 hours to check.
  • It is recommended to first time users, not to wear tight outfits like leggings / jeans or trousers that can strain your belly especially while sitting. Rather go for loose salwar, pajyama or something similar. Once you are used to the cup you can wear cloths of your choice and comfort.
  • Unlike tight fitting panties for pads, a normal or slightly loose fitting panty is suggested with cup. Else you may feel a constant pee sensation.
  • Be careful while removing the cup. In nervousness you may drop it or the cup may slip off your hands into the toilet (commode). It is advisable not to remove sitting on a toilet seat during the initial use.
  • Keep the cup out of reach from children or pets at home. Children are likely to consider it a toy and experiment with it whereas pets are attracted because of the menses’ smell and may chew down your cup.

So Ladies, with these points in mind you may go ahead and have a happy Period.

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