Let’s Not Ignore Sexual Health

Sexual health is an essential and beneficial part of being human. It is an important component of a person’s life. It can be influenced by various factors, including our physical, social and mental well being.

Along with the positive aspects of human sexuality, there are illnesses and unintended consequences that can affect our sexual health. All people have a right to sexual health and the right to pleasure. In addition to teaching and advocating about this, it is quite necessary to counsel individuals and couples on these issues. It’s very important to have a realistic understanding of what sexual health is. Problems such as sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy and cervical cancer can severely compromise a person’s sexual health. It is important to remember that sexual health isn’t just about getting rid of diseases, but also about helping people find pleasure in their sexual lives and maintain satisfying relationships with their partner. Thus, an open discussion of sexuality issues is important. Sexual and reproductive health and well-being are essential if people are to have responsible, safe, and satisfying sexual lives. It requires a positive approach to human sexuality and an understanding of the complex factors that shape human sexual behaviour.

Understanding the basics of sex, such as the cycle of desire, stimulation and response improves sexual health. Also sexual health is intimately related to reproduction. Birth control to prevent pregnancy and the various steps couples need to take to have a healthy relationship are all a part of sexual health.

Another issue related to sexual health is vaginal dryness. As women go through changes in their lives, such as pregnancy and childbirth or menopause, they may experience a lack of vaginal lubrication. This makes sexual intercourse unpleasant, thus consultation can doctor can solve your problem and make the bond strong.

Another problem that is a part of sexual health is the frequent source of conflict between couples. There can be a discrepancy in desire as one partner may want more sex as compared to the other one.

Cotton clothing and clean underwear enable the skin to breathe and let the air circulates. You are recommended to wear cotton underwear and choose moisture wicking clothing to make your comfortable.

Sex can be pleasurable, but at the same time it can also be quite risky. Sexually transmitted diseases can be uncomfortable or painful, they can have severe, long term effects that can include the loss of fertility and have the potential to be life threatening. Thus learning about sexual health is very important but before that learning about sexually transmitted diseases is much more important. People throughout the world are becoming sexually active at younger ages, having more sex partners earlier in life, getting married later in life, and, in general, exposing themselves more often to the risk of acquiring STDs. World governments, by means of acceptance, greater commitment, and enlightened policies, and through better health care and expanded prevention programs, must address STD epidemics on multiple fronts.

When you’re enjoying in bed, bacteria easily gets transferred from other regions of your body and your partner’s body. Thus we recommend peeing immediately after sexual intercourse to prevent bacteria from getting into your urethra that can cause infections. You are also advised to drink lots of water before and after sexual intercourse.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you wash your intimate area before and after making love. This prevents bacteria from getting multiplied. Also avoid being intimate with your partner when you have periods. Wait until your menstrual cycle gets over.
One should learn about the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases as well as the consequences of infection. Taking all the necessary steps to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases protects your health and the health of others. Thus sexually transmitted diseases testing are a very crucial part of your sexual health plan. Some sexually transmitted diseases will be with you for life, such as hepatitis, herpes and HIV/AIDS. For people living with sexually transmitted diseases, sexual health encompasses coping with these infections over the long term.

Thus safety within sexual relationships continues to be a concern and women particularly may be at a higher risk for sexual violence. Based on the scientific evidence, we face a serious public health challenge regarding the sexual health of our nation. Doing nothing is unacceptable. More than anyone, it is our children who will suffer the consequences of our failure to meet these responsibilities.

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