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I was standing in my office washroom when she entered. She is the well-dressed girl in my office. We always look forward to her new clothes, stylish shoes, bags. Our office washrooms have several cabins. She entered one, did her business, took a look at herself in the mirror and was about to leave when I heard myself calling her.


Neena are you not forgetting something? She looked over the slab to check if she has left her mobile phone. I said you didn’t wash your hands. She replied very calmly that she didn’t touch anything inside the cabin so her hands are already sanitized. At that moment I felt like phew I am never ever going to shake hands with her. I saw her stylish image shattering in my mind. Did cabin door opened on its own and has no one ever taught you that you should always wash your hands after using the toilet. She is as educated as I am, then why this difference.

Not just her I have met several educated guys and girls who thinks just the same. Personal hygiene should be a part of one’s personality, not a forced habit. There are several areas where we may lack personal hygiene and this is not good.

Washing Hands – Always before/after meals, after using toilet, even if you have tied your shoe laces, wash your hands with soap. A dirty hand contains lots of germs which can cause infections. Especially some guys don’t wash their hands after wearing shoes. They will use same dirty hands while eating chips or drinking water. It’s harmful. Make this habit part of your lifestyle. In the beginning you might feel burdened but then it will become a habit.

Body Odour – It’s very important to take bath every morning. Some think that if they don’t take shower and just use deodorant or perfume they will smell fresh, they are wrong. Immediately within an hour their body odour will overpower deodorant or perfume’s fragrance. You feel lazy to get up early in the morning so you decide to take bath in the night, then sleep and next day leave. That idea doesn’t work all the time. Climate conditions in our country are such that whole night you will sweat even if you are sleeping in an air conditioned room. Take bath in the morning, wear fresh and clean clothes, and use a good anti-perspirant or deodorant. You can apply the deodorant two-three times a day so that you smell fresh all day long.

Clothes – Washing clothes and then drying them out in the sun is the best method to sanitize clothes. Don’t repeat your shirts, top, innerwear without washing. Try to wash jeans after every fifth use.

Body hair – It’s advisable to get rid of under arms hair either by waxing, razor or any other way. It’s applicable for guys as well. Guys with lot of chest hair should trim their hair regularly as more hair causes more sweat which could make you stink. It’s very embarrassing if your friends don’t want to hang out with you just because of your body odour.

Cleaning Feet – It’s really important to clean feet every day with mild soap and water. Clean two times a day, one when you are taking bath and other after you come back home from work. If you stay at home all day wash your feet before sleeping. It’s said that one gets good sleep by this method.

Oral Care – Brush your teeth twice a day with good toothpaste, try to chew mint gums for fresh breath.

Cleaning your genitals using intimate wash is important.

Basic hygiene habits develop your personality and I know you don’t want to be Neena.

Image source: http://info.employersgroup.com/bid/63506/A-Sensitive-Issue-for-HR-Dealing-with-Personal-Hygiene

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