Introducing Reusable Products to your Little Ones

People often ask us – when is a good time to teach youngsters about sustainability? The answer is – as soon as you can. Sustainability is a concept that must be introduced to young ones around you as soon as you can. From the time your little ones are born, you can prepare everything for zero-waste baby raising. Be it cloth diapers, reusable baby wipes, or eco-friendly sippy cups and containers, starting them out young on the green wagon is beneficial in the long run.

Why Do It Early?

Raising children is not all about consumerism and pampering them with gifts. It’s also about instilling the right values in them as they grow up. This definitely includes teaching them the values of being eco-friendly. Also, children are the future heirs of the Earth; therefore, we should leave behind something more sustainable for them. It’s our responsibility to raise a generation who values Mother Earth.

Another reason to start your children early on the green journey is that children stick to habits that they are taught as infants and toddlers. Trying to bring about a sustainable change when they are older is a lot harder as they have set habits and beliefs by then. It would take a lot of effort. Therefore, it’s best to introduce your child to greener methods when they are young and make it natural for them.

Your first question might be – what are the products available for young ones? Well, here’s your list:

  • Reusable cloth diapers – The first few months of a newborn’s life are precious, to say the least. However, it’s also a tremendously stressful time for new mothers. Between feeding schedules and catching up on sleep, you might feel like cloth diapers might be an additional burden for you. However, the cloth diapering community is growing by leaps and bounds, in India as well as abroad.

Cloth diapers work exactly like disposable diapers. However, they can be washed and reused for several years. This means they do not create any disposable garbage. One of the added benefits of cloth diapers is that they do not cause rashes.

Cloth pads can also come in a range of “training diapers”. These can be used for those little accidents in the process of potty training your young ones. They are very useful in the sense that it gives the feeling of security for both children and parents, while also ensuring that an additional amount of diapers are not wasted on this process.

There are several Facebook groups that can be very useful for new mothers looking to use reusable diapers for their newborns. Reusable cloth diapers are available on most online buying platforms.

  • Baby Wipes – The new trend for baby wipes is to go for disposables. It’s easy and convenient, or so people think. In actuality, this fad only creates a trend that contributes majorly to the rising amount of waste. In the older generations, one would simply use soft cotton cloth for the same purpose. It can be reused multiple times and can be tossed in the washing machine at the end of the day. You can use soft handkerchiefs or a couple of flannel wipe clothes for the same.
  • Sippy Cups and Other Plastic Containers – As your little one grows up, you see the increased demand for plastic cutlery and water bottles. Mothers, who are super cautious about making sure that their children get the best of things in life, are somehow okay with their children drinking in and eating out of plastic cups and plates. Plastics, especially when in contact with heat, leach chemicals into the food that they hold. This is extremely harmful for our children.

What are the options then? Steel! Steel is possibly the safest reusable option out there. It lasts for years on end and does not damage easily (unlike glass). Nowadays, steel items are available in the form of even steel straws. You can make a starter kit for your little one with a steel sippy cup, plate, spoon, and fork.

These are some of the most useful and easily implementable ideas that we can start our little ones on. Write to us about your cloth diapering and green baby-raising journeys!

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