Green Menstruation

This is a TMI article. If you are offended by periods and menstrual talks please stop here.

Like every woman, menstruation cycles have always been a nightmare to me but, not anymore. I am a super conscious woman who never misses any dates and events, for which I keep my applications updated.

Yes I have a periods reminder app too!

I discuss periods, pads and breasts openly without being gender biased but yes, thinking of periods, gives me PMS symptoms much ahead of the D day.

I mean, who would want to sit on a junk of jelly bloody excretion which is getting autorecorded in your subconscious 24×7. Who doesn’t want to free herself from the constant reminders of splashy wetness for those 5 days. It takes only 3.5 weeks to go back to the same cycles again!

Icing on the cake? Deal with the bumps and rashes given by the nasty scientific creation meant to deal with the wetness.

Hola periods, time to bid adieu to the terror.

Since the motherhood happened, I joined numerous Facebook groups to help myself and my motherhood live a sane life ahead.

One fine morning a post from a group, popped on my timeline which was asking the users of menstrual cups about their favorite folds and usage!

Menstrual what?

Finally I became a stalker of everything that leads to menstrual cups. Certainly there had to be something which was making a revolution.

I was grossed. How on earth could something this big inside you, stay for hours and doesn’t poke you? Also it collects all the crappy output, and you won’t feel anything? Are you kidding me?

Finally I read, heard, watched and learnt further, and understood the goodness of this little piece of magic. Yes, I call it a magic.

Dear menstrual cup, the wonder genie, where were you all these years when I was cursing my life for my existence with a uterus.

It took me weeks to finally decide that I really want to go for it. All the you tube videos and hny lead (I loved her eyes and eyebrows too)were convincing me more and more to go for it.

I decided to buy an Indian brand, and eagerly waited for my periods to happen. It took me 3 trials to understand the usage well. The best part? I have never been dry and clean down there . I can laugh ,sneeze ,bend or sit without getting a hit back down there. I do not feel any additional object sticking to my bottom. I am alive without dumping harmful chemicals during these days which in return are effecting the environment and obviously us.

My fussy mood swings are under control and I played spider man with my toddler laughing and rolling all over.

I am still learning. But not even once I failed to accept that I am happily menstruating. Currently lying on bed, writing my happy story of my lifestyle switch , wearing a white pajama without bothering about my posture to sleep, I thank Ms. Sharma for that million dollar question, which made me take a big decision for lifetime.

By the way : Did you know you can swim, jog, run and do anything wearing a menstrual cup? Take out your favorite swim suits and lingerie again.

A menstrual cup works minimum for 10 years which is equivalent to sanitary pads worth rupees 7200 at least!

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