Freedom Cloth Pad

UGER reusable cloth padsOn a Sunday Afternoon somewhere in 2011 our girl gang went off to the Exhibition hosted nearby not knowing it to be Dastkar. We were totally impressed with the kind of Craft stalls were there. We were hopping from one stall to another to see what is new or rather I should mention what has been revived from olden times which we are not aware of. One such stall was called “Jugad”. With funky Harem pants to some cool hair accessories, and there in one of the basket laid a bunch of what looked like Sanitary Pads but made with cloth. We all saw it and giggled and walked past that stall. We were at the next best stall which is all kind of chats to eat were available. While we sat there, we started our discussion on how good and crafters and the stalls were and we were flashing our buys with each other. In my mind I couldn’t forget those Cloth Sanitary Pads, so I bought that in the discussion. We started to talk to each other how sanitary pad would benefit or how this so called new in the market Cloth Pad would be. One of my friend said, Wearing Sanitary Pad got her rashes. Other quipped that the blue plastic kind on it made noises while she walked and was amused if someone walking past heard it too. Another one retorted how stinking that was, she wondered it smelled a mix of flowery scent which was added to the pads along with the blood she was shedding. I on the other hand was thinking of the Environment and its land fill and what are we giving back to the Environment.

That is when I remembered my grandmother telling me when I first got my period that she used layers of soft olden cloths folded and tied across her tummy and gripped well so that it can absorb the blood shedding. She wore darkest of the saree in her wardrobe those days. Early morning was to wash those cloths and dry it under the sun. She informed that my mother was blessed to have to carefree in the market and I have plenty of options in the market with lot of options of Winged, Extra large, thin and many other option and also Tampons. But that is the different story. If these pads were so harmful for the body, skin and most important to the Environment why it is easily available in the market and has been advertised? Just the thought of all these made me get up and take a stand to buy those cloth pads for healthy living. My friends followed the suit. From then on, no looking back. We are proud users of Cloth pad, we use it, wash it, dry it and propagate it to every woman who is open to period talk. We believe in healthy life and healthy Environment. So Happy Period. J

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