Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

This Christmas & New Year gift your loved ones health and happiness. With lots of love and care I have prepared a gift ideas list for you and me. Go ahead, choose a gift, wrap it with love (not plastic) and share good health and happiness with your friends and family.

Quick tips:
1.    Don’t forget to add a hand written note to your gift.
2.    Avoid excess packaging.
3.    Use newspaper, cloth bag and discarded items for gift wrapping.

Solar Torch: Gift a solar torch.

It’s one step towards using green energy for lighting. Solar torches can be charged with solar panel and also by plugging into electrical socket. It usually has LED bulbs which is also energy efficient.

Cost: Starts at Rs.500

Handloom Dress Material: Gift handloom dress.
This new year gift a khadi product .You can choose a khadi shirt, sari, dress material, bed sheet, handkerchief, towel etc.
Natural fabrics are always good for our body. Buying and using khadi and other handloom products will help the poor weaver of India.

Cost: Khadi cotton starts at Rs.200 per meter.

DSC_1305--ed - CopyMenstrual Cup & Cloth Pads: Choose to gift your close female friends Menstrual cup and cloth pads.
Menstrual cups are the healthy, ecological and economical alternative to all those disposables sanitary pads.

Cost: Cups start at Rs. 700, cloth pads start at Rs. 235
Bi-cycle: This gift is a perfect green vehicle and exercise add.
While buying the cycle keep the person’s age and gender in mind for their comfort. Choose a basic style to get the person started.

Cost: Starts at Rs. 3000

LED Bulb Set: These lights switch on instantly, generate very little heat and use less energy than traditional bulbs.
You can choose to gift 1 LED or set of LED bulbs. The Point is to get people started with ecofriendly alternatives.

Cost: Varies brand to brand. One brand offers 9-watt – set of 2 LED bulbs at Rs. 600

plant herb

Potted Herbs/Plants: Either you can buy the potted herbs/plants from nursery or prepare it at home yourself to give away as gift.

You can gift herbs like coriander, spinach, thyme etc. Or can choose an indoor plant also.

Cost: 12’’ pot cost approx. Rs.50 + seeds starts at Rs.10 per packet. If you choose to give an indoor plant, the cost will vary depending on plant species.

Handmade Paper Journal: Handmade papers are made from recycled materials like old paper, cloth etc.
No new trees are cut for making handmade papers. It’s usually old rags which are used for paper pulp.

Cost: Starts at Rs.250

Steel Items: When you choose to gift steel items, sky is the limit.
Steels items are reusable and can be used for a very long duration.
You can choose steel spoon, plates, bowls, glass, bottle, tiffin carrier, jugs, casserole, and any size container as gifts.

Cost: depends on items. The two-decker tiffin carrier in the image costs around Rs.250.

Organic Food Basket: Gift a coupon to purchase organic food or prepare a “tokri” of organic food as a gift.
You can prepare an Organic food basket by adding organic spices, pulses, rice, flour, juices, tea etc.

Cost: depends on what items you add to your organic basket

alarmclockAlarm Clock: Tick tock tick. It’s time to go back to the old habit of using an alarm clock.
Gift an alarm clock and help your loved ones keep away the mobile phone and its injurious radiation while they are sleeping.

Cost: starts at Rs.150
Green Cleaning Basket: It’s the house cleaning stuff which brings most of the bad chemicals to home. Prepare a green cleaning basket to give as a gift.
You can add baking soda, Vinegar, lemon, salts, lemon grass oil , cotton cloth and scrub to create your green cleaning basket

Cost: Baking soda 100 gms Rs.10 +Apple cider Vinegar 473 ml Rs. 165 + 1 lemon Rs. 3+Salt packet +lemon grass oil Rs. 400 per kg + cotton cloth Rs. 20 +Scrub Rs.20

Potpourri: Gift a potpourri to be used as a natural freshener in home, wardrobe, cars etc.

Cost: starts at Rs. 200

E-Newsletter: Gift a year’s e-letter subscription of magazines.newsletter
You can choose a subscription of the person’s choice or something new that you think could be useful to the person.

Cost: Depends on subscription

Home composter: Home compost bins are used to convert food scraps into rich organic compost. Many home composting bins are available in the market. You can gift Bokashi bins, khambas to do composting at home.
It’s a great habit to be adapted.

Cost: Bokashi bins, Khambas starts at Rs. 2200

Waste Segregation Bins: Gift a set of colored bins to be used to segregate waste at the source.
Waste segregation at source is very important to use the waste appropriately. Recyclable waste like plastic, paper can be sold to kabadiwallas or sent to recycling centers.
Organic waste can be composted. Similarly hazardous waste, sanitary waste can be handled appropriately.

Cost: you can buy buckets of different colors for this purpose. Cost of bucket is approx. Rs. 50.

Soap Nuts: Soap nuts are good alternatives for washing powder, dish bar, shampoos.
Gift a bag full of soap nuts with a hand written note for its various uses.

Cost: If you buy from local market the cost would be approx. Rs.10 per 100 gms.

Books: Gift a book on sustainable living, healthy food habits, natural home remedies, DIY natural beauty care, Benefits of adapting organic lifestyle, Yoga, Ayurveda etc.

Cost: depends on book

Note: Costs of the products mentioned are approximate. May vary from place to place and brand to brand.

Disclaimer : The Views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Health & You, Please Use yours reasonable judgement before proceeding with purchase or use of any product based on the blog.

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