Buying a Menstrual Cup – Points to Remember

Post to Part-I on buying cloth pads, now let us discuss here on the points to be considered if you plan to purchase a menstrual cup.

I have already reviewed my experience here and now that you have made your mind for the eco-friendly, reusable menstrual cup the first thing you need to do is research.

Usage of menstrual cup for periods is a similar example of Contact lenses for sight. It is a foreign substance entering your body to give a better comfort. Of course it calls for continuous practice, carefulness and using it or not is completely on your preparedness and decision.

Research: Google or other search engines are your best pals when it comes to acquire knowledge or review on any product, simultaneously you can also speak to women who are using it. My suggestion would be to read as much as you can and get yourself mentally prepared as you are going to make an investment and you have to get ready for it.

Pros and Cons: Nobody knows you as good as yourself. Jot down on a piece of paper certain points you have understood from your research like prospects, consequences, Cost, method of insertion and removal, cleaning and storage etc. and identify your comfort level.

Always remember that the cup collects the menstrual blood unlike absorption method and if you are nauseous at the sight of blood, though this option is the best but is not meant for you.

Measurement: Some companies offer a standard sized cup, but since the cup has to be accommodating in your body it is always advisable to measure the space your body can offer it. Measure your cervix only while you are menstruating to know the best cup meant for you.

Material: Menstrual cups are available in silicone, TPE, or latex. Decide from your research and suitable size which one would you like to opt for.

Always remember –

  1. If you wisely choose the correct size of the cup,
  2. Understand and follow the instructions accompanying your cup properly
  3. Don’t do a trial before menstruating, no matter even if your product instructions call for it.
  4. Use the cup without any fear and with a positive attitude and confident attitude towards it
  • It assures the feeling of NO Periods on your periods.
  • No Rashes at all as it remains “inside” you.
  • No worries or fears of stains irrespective of your physical activity like jogging, dancing, hopping or even swimming which you may have avoid otherwise.
  • Feel free to Pee, Poop or Fart with the cup inside you J (Sounds funny but it’s a fact)

Of course the first usage calls for a learning curve, but trust me it’s no rocket science and any woman can learn easily.

If you need more help in selecting, click here.

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  1. Hi,

    I am 24 yrs old, height 5, sexually inactive, less Physically active, little overweight. This is the 1st time i want to use a menstrual cup, which one should i ?

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