The Story of our Company

The Ethical Sanitary Revolution

As a late teen in 2006, Priyanka was looking for a period product that she could use while she went swimming, she chanced upon the menstrual cup. As a curious teenager, despite being from a culture that holds virginity dear, she tried a menstrual cup. She was amazed at the comfort it offered and was struck by how eco-friendly and economical the menstrual cup was!

In 2014, a good ten years after having used the menstrual cup, Priyanka realized that sustainable menstruation was her forte. Her husband Pranav was her best motivator; he encouraged her to spread the word about the benefits of the cup. While Priyanka gave up her interior designing job, her husband gave up his trading job in order to pursue something more meaningful. Together, they started Hygiene and You, a website of Volta casino dedicated to eco-friendly period products. Thus began a journey that would grow leaps and bounds.

While making menstrual cups available to women in India was one aspect of Hygiene and You’s efforts, a lot of groundwork needed to be done in terms of getting the word out. Priyanka began taking awareness sessions on reusable period products and menstruation. Over time, she understood that the need of the hour was to first remove the shame and silence surrounding women’s bodies before one could talk about period products. Thus, her sessions now include more information around women’s reproductive health and menstruation, before providing them information about eco-friendly period products like menstrual cups and cloth pads.

To help women transition comfortably to menstrual cups and cloth pads, Priyanka started "Menstrual Cups Cloth Pads (MCCP)" - a Facebook group, and several women-only WhatsApp groups where women could freely ask questions and clarify all their doubts about making the switch. The need for more forums and resources prompted Priyanka to come up with blog posts, video posts on Hygiene and You’s YouTube channel, comparison charts of the available products, and meaningful collaborations with other individuals and organizations working towards the cause. Thousands of women in India and from around the world have benefitted from these resources.

Years of dedicated work in the field have earned Hygiene and You a trusted customer base. In 2017, Priyanka and Pranav took it a step further by launching their own range of products under the label SochGreen. They manufacture cloth pads, labia pads, period panties, and the menstrual cup. Priyanka has used her research and insight and has personally overseen the design and manufacture of every single product. With user comfort being the ultimate goal, the products are of the best quality in the market.

Thought that matters

A well-crafted notion to promote cleanliness with ecological balance.


H&Y envisions a disposables-free, sustainable world where there would be no need for single-use products like sanitary napkins and disposable diapers.



To empower men and women and help them make better, safer, and eco-friendly choices about their personal hygiene.